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What to Wear

on your family or couple photoshoot

Valuable advice for a great family or couple photoshoot.

It is important to know that your choice of clothing will influence the overall outcome of your family or couple’s photoshoot.

A fancy dress or suit will give your photos a very formal feel. Jeans, shorts, and a cute shirt give a casual look; the same goes for a beautiful summer dress.

It’s important that your choice of clothing enhances your physique and mood, leaving you comfortable to dance, and playfully interact with your partner, kids, or family for the duration of the shoot.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. For a sunrise or sunset shoot, choose neutral colours with soft, flowing fabrics; think creams, soft pastels, earthy light browns, tans, greys, light corals, and slate blues.
  2. For a nature or garden shoot, bright colours work well. Choose coordinating colours but not matchy-matchy. Saturated colours (green, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow & maroon).
  3. Note that, if one person wears a pattern, the others would wear solid colours that are pulled off the pattern to complement the overall look.
  4. Avoid large logos and writing on clothing.
  5. Pick a theme … modern, neutral, or traditional. You can always bring a change of clothes. (Some locations may not offer a change room, but our studio will accommodate that)
  6. I don’t recommend too much white; it tends to be overrated and, on a beach, it just doesn’t do much for most people.
  7. For large groups, pick 2-3 colours and mix them all in. Even layers can add fashion. You can always remove an article of clothing to create a totally different look.
  8. Props like hats, scarves, jackets, belts, vests, leggings, tie, layering shirts, slops or sandals, boots, etc. can add style.
  9. If you love T-shirts, a new T-shirt looks better than an old one. Watch out for wrinkles too.


Bright colours with stripes and polka dots! Cute hats, shoes, and small props!

A flower or cute hat can add a splash of colour that makes a photo pop.

Avoid bringing snacks that will colour or get stuck in their teeth.

Bring their favourite doll, colourful toy, or activity. (Bubbles are magical)


DO: Dress comfortably, with flowy dresses and tops, button downs, etc. 

DON’T: Wear short lose dresses. You never know what a rogue breeze will do.

DO: Bring a hairbrush, hair ties, headbands, etc. as you may need something to fix or hold your hair.

DON’T: Wear black or white or coloured under-garments under light coloured clothes that may show through.

DO: Spend some time on Pinterest and explore outfit ideas for the photoshoot of your interest.


  1. Find an outfit that you love and looks amazing on you, and pull from those colours in your outfit to coordinate with everyone else.
  2. Big, bold, and crazy patterns distract from your face, especially in photos.
  3. Long flowy dresses photograph beautifully on all women. They give a romantic and timeless feeling to the photos and work well with all body types. 
  4. Bringing layers, i.e., boots, hats, sweaters, jackets, scarfs, hair accessories and jewellery, adds a pop of colour!
  5. Have fun with your children’s outfits; they look cute in anything! From rain boots to tutus to bow ties to suspenders. Bright colours mixed and matched patterns! Show off their little personalities!
  6. Dress for the season. You will be more comfortable, and your photos will show it! Dress cosy for winter shoots – you can create many different looks with layers! Summer beach shoots are best with bare feet in the sand!
  7. Hair and makeup are always suggested for a photo session. Pamper yourself! You will feel fabulous, and it will show in your photos! Avoid glossy makeup if you can, as it will reflect light and may create photo hot spots.
  8. For in-home lifestyle sessions, neutral and muted colours work best.


  1. Orange or overpowering colours are not recommended for golden hour sunrise or sunset sessions. Especially for shirts as they tend to bring out an orange hue on skin tones.
  2. Extremely bright colours cause colour casts under your chin and the skin of people next to you. It’s suggested to wear a more muted version of that colour.
  3. Thin stripes create a moiré pattern in photos and can be very distracting. They are also very difficult to edit.
  4. Clothing with logos, characters, or words can be fun and used in a way that shows off a person’s personality, but many times it can be distracting and take away from the overall feel.
  5. It is important to avoid clothes that are too tight and unflattering. You could be walking, jumping, sitting, laying, and interact playfully with others during the session. You will be uncomfortable, so will the photographer, and it will show in your photos.
  6. Clothes that are too big bunch up and are very unforgiving to any body type.

We hope these tips have been helpful – see you soon!