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A Flavourful Journey through our Lens


By Hein Jonker

Behind the Scenes with InFoodz

Just South of Durban, on the scenic KwaZulu Natal south coast, our kitchen and home studio setup was a hive of activity, setting the stage for a photoshoot that promised to be as flavourful as the products being prepared. We had the privilege of capturing the essence of InFoodz, a product of AA Spice, and a brand celebrated for its rich variety of spices and sauces that promise to transform any meal from mundane to magnificent.

A Kaleidoscope of Flavours

The kitchen was alive with the sights, sounds, and scents of culinary magic. The InFoodz team meticulously prepared their signature spices and sauces, each with a name that speaks volumes about its unique flavour and the culinary journey it offers. From the bold and fiery Cajun Seasoning and Mexican Style Red Pepper to the exotic Sweet Chilli Sauce and vibrant SA Chutney, every product was a star waiting for its moment in the spotlight.

The photo shoot captured the essence of InFoodz’s diverse offerings, including the whimsical Unicorn Peppers, earthy Turmeric and zesty Ginger, alongside the tailored tastes of Chipz Spice and the classic Tartare Sauce. Each image was a testament to the versatility and rich palette of flavours that InFoodz brings to the table.

Global Flavours, Local Demand

InFoodz’s sauces are a celebration of global cuisines, from South African favourites like SA Chutney, SA Lemon & Herb Sauce, and SA Braai Sauce, to international delights like Mexican Style Red Pepper Sauce and Mozam Peri Peri Sauce. The Honey & Mustard Sauce, Garlic & Rosemary Sauce, and Mozam Lemon Pepper Sauce showcased the ability to bring gourmet flavours into everyday kitchens.

The shoot also highlighted the sweet and tangy Sweet & Sour Sauce, the spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce, and the refreshing Gourmet Italian Mint Sauce, each promising to elevate dishes with a splash of personality and a dash of love.

The Art of the Shoot

Capturing these flavours through the lens was a journey in itself. We focused on bringing out the textures, colours, and potential of each product, turning them into visual feasts that beckon the viewer to explore their culinary boundaries. The challenge was not just to photograph the products but to emphasize vibrant colours and textures, inviting everyone to imagine the taste, the aroma, and the joy of cooking with InFoodz.

More than just Flavour

InFoodz is not just about adding spice to your meal; it’s about adding spice to your life. With products like 365 Seasoning and Sunshine Braai Seasoning, every day is an opportunity to discover new flavours and create memorable meals. Whether it’s the fiery kick of Mozam Peri Peri Sauce or the comforting embrace of SA Lemon & Garlic Sauce, InFoodz encourages culinary exploration and the joy of sharing food made with love.

You are Invited

As we wrapped up, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by the passion and creativity behind InFoodz. This photo shoot was more than just a few hours in the kitchen; it was a celebration of flavours, cultures, and the art of bringing people together through food. We invite you to embark on a culinary adventure that promises to make every meal memorable. Dive into the world of InFoodz, and let your tastebuds lead the way to unforgettable dining experiences.